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“Low-fare Done Right”

Frontier Airlines has always come up with the friendliest idea to help their customer especially when they are about to go through baggage checking. To be a little aware of their Frontier Airlines Baggage Restrictions, let get on the way below.

frontier airlines carry on baggage limitations

Frontier Airlines Carry-on Baggage Policy – Domestic & International

Flyfrontier carry-on baggage size should not be more than 24 inches x 16 inches x 10 inches including handles and wheel. The weight limit is 35 pounds that are 15.8 kgs.  The bags should fit in the overhead bins. The charges of carry-on bag vary according to time and baggage fees are hence non-refundable.
Passengers and Early Returns Elite members who purchased The work received a free carry-on bag in addition to their personal item bag too. If the carry-on bag is not under the allowable dimensions, additional charges are charged to check the bag at the gate. If you are traveling with any of these items like coats, canes, crutches, portable oxygen concentrator, diapers bags for a toddler or special person, respiratory devices or any other assistive devices or foot rugs for prayer all are free to carry with one personal item.

Prohibited Materials in Carry-on:

Ay item that is explosive, any weapon or anything that can bodily harm anyone and comes under the TSA list is strictly restricted in the carry-on.

Frontier Airlines Carry-on Luggage Limits for Liquid

Customers are allowed have quart size bag of any liquid, aerosol, cream or gel in their carry-on bag. The products should be limited size 100s ml and should be placed in a small bag separating from carry-on baggage to facilitate the screening test. Pack items that are more than 100 ml are to be in checked baggage. If any liquid, aerosol, cream or gel alarms during screening will be sent for additional screening.

Sporting Equipment & Special/Fragile Items:

For travelers who often fly with more than socks and toothbrush that cannot be packed in a suitcase and to be handled especially sports equipment, musical instrument or any other fragile item should view. Special equipment is more specifically described in a link Sporting Equipment & Special/Fragile Items.

Flyfrontier Baggage Lost Rules

Sometimes very unexpected incidents happen such as lost baggage, don’t worry Frontier will make every odd to be in your favor and will reunite you with your bag. By creating a tracing file and will keep you informed about the status of your bag just to get it back to you as soon as possible.

For domestic travel, the liability for loss or damage to checked baggage is limited to $3500 per ticketed passenger while 9.07 USD per pound for checked and USD $400 for unchecked baggage is for International liability per ticketed passenger. The travels governed under Montreal convention $1131 is limited to either checked or unchecked baggage per passenger.

You will be remembered Carry-on:

If in any case, you forget anything on board, do not worry, just fill the “lost and found form” and you will be reunited within a short span of time.