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“Everyone comes with a baggage find someone who loves you enough to help you in carrying”

easyjet carry on baggage limitations

Journey and Baggages both are important just the way life and water. To fulfill the demand of carrying water, obviously baggage, EasyJet is not only fine but help you in carrying as mention above. A very low-cost flight in Europe that is also known for its less strictness towards baggage. Here we discuss Easyjet carry-on baggage rules for passengers.

EasyJet Carry on Baggage Size

Cabin Baggage Restrictions

Customers love when they are permitted to carry a bag with “no weight limit”. Well, Easy jet allows all their customers to take one cabin bag on board with them, no specific weight limit until unless they can easily carry and lift it to their own overhead locker.  A 56 x 45 x 25 cm bag size includes its handle and wheels. A bag bigger than above dimension will be shifted to Aircraft hold and an extra charge will be charged. As Cabin spaces are limited on the plane so, “on no more slot” your bag will also be shifted to Aircraft hold for free, on having the exact weight.

Backpack or Personal item

easyjet backpack limitations

If your additional bag like a laptop, briefcase or any other side bag under size 45cm x 36cm x 20cm, you can keep it under the seat. Else, People need to keep their single luggage pieces like laptop, briefcases or side bags in main hand luggage.

A person carrying extra luggage will be charged a luggage fee of €35/£30 for the individual item. On reaching boarding gate, if you have carry-ons, you will be charge €55/£45 per extra item.

If you having easyJet Plus card, no worries you are provided with an Additional under seat space for your bag, with some up front or extra legroom to those people who are carrying a toddler. 

Hand Luggage Rules

  • Liquids like lipsticks, hand creams and deodorant are to mention:
  • The fluids must be kept in a 100 ml volume container, container more than mentioned volume cannot be allowed.
  • Liquids should be kept in a 1 Lt size plastic bag that is transparent. Total 10 number of containers of 100ml are allowed in 20 x 20 cm zip shut bags.
  • All Plastic bags should be taken out for security check.
  • Food items are allowed on board in hand carry, Drinks can also be brought on-board but after a strict Easy Jet Carry security limitation.

Additional Items Limitation

In Cabin Bag, customers are allowed to bring items like the overcoat, crutches, walking stick, umbrella and one standard size bag of goodies bought at the duty-free shop at the airport.

Weight Limit

The Total size of customer bag can be under 275cm including length, width, and height.  the weight should be maximum of 20 Kg. They can have one or more bag as for hold luggage until the weight of baggage doesn’t exceed 20 Kg. The fee for hold luggage is between  €13-25/£10-20 and is displayed during online booking.

The fee for extra per kilo is  €4/£3 for online and €13/£10 per kilo at the airport.

When traveling with or family, for the Individual weight of each bag is 23 kg. on buying extra weight 3Kg the maximum can be 32 kg per bag.

People Travelling with some sports equipment can book their baggage as checked luggage. an additional special fee is paid on top of checked luggage fee. In that single item cannot weigh more than 32 Kg.