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Cargo Airlines‘ refers to the world’s top airlines by freight tonne – kilometres. Here the top ten cargo airlines in the world will be displayed, with the weight mentioned that was carried. IATA has published the report about the leading carriers of volume on air freight flown. The statistics are updated every year in June, however in the previous year due to the similarities; the data was not upgraded.

Top Ten Cargo Airlines 2017

According to different sources and origins, below are the top 10 cargo airlines 2016 (international + domestic) respectively, officially recognized by International Air Transport Association:

No.AirlineMillion Tonnes (in 2014)
3UPS Airlines10,936
4Cathay Pacific Airways9,464
5Korean Air Lines8,079
7Singapore Airlines6,019
8Qatar Airways5,997
10China Airlines5,266


FedEx LogoFederal Express is a carrier of handling the most volume by air freight flown. It is an American courier transporting service company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. FedEx also has the fourth largest aircraft fleet in the world. It definitely delivered 16 thousand tonnes weight in 2014. Frederick Wallace Smith is the founder and current chairman of the company. Concerning the analysis of 2015, FedEx has earned 2.57 billion US $. In April 2015, the service has arrived at argue with buying its opposition company TNT Express dependent as administrative and shareowner, which is understandable to be fulfilled in June 2016.

As an estimate of 2012, the FedEx has 300,000 employees working. The import-export frieghts are increasing gradually. But Emirates Group will sooner replace it because of the Middle East trade development and it will lower its ranking. It was listed in the magazine Fortune as one of the top 100 companies to work for in 2013. FedEx was founded in 1975 and still progressing steadily.


Emirates SkyCargo LogoDue to the economic peak in the Middle East, Emirates SkyCargo is the world’s 2nd leading freight shipper. The ratio of cargo transporting is rapidly growing and shortly it will become the top cargo airline in the world. It is an air freight child service of Emirates located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and both of the companies financial results are totaled together. 20% of the revenue of total income is gained from SkyCargo. The commenced operations were launched on 25 October 1985. As “Delivering the highest standards of product quality”, the firm is making headway by improving standards of dispatching couriers. It serves shipment flights to 34 destinations in 22 countries with the fleet size of 15 aircraft. It takes its place on 2008-09 as in the world’s largest freight airlines due to the decline in the economic conditions of the other cargo carriers. It is the world’s biggest porter in the matter of international freight tonne-kilometres flown.

UPS Airlines

UPS Airlines LogoUPS Airlines is the third top cargo airline in the world because of sending more than 10 thousand tonnes mass. It is an American cargo courier positioned in Louisville, Kentucky. Brendan Canavan is the president of this cargo service. Louisville International Airport, Chicago Rockford International Airport, Philadelphia International Airport, Ontario International Airport, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and Columbia Metropolitan Airport are the main hubs of this carrier. Every day UPS flies to more than 200 countries serving with the 1691 flight segments to international and domestic airports. It has an active fleet of 237 aircraft in which Boeing 757-200PF are 75, Boeing 767-300F are 59, Airbus A300-600 are 52, McDonnell Douglas MD-11F are 38, Boeing 747-400F are 11, and Boeing 747-400BCF are just 2.